Services: Application Deployment

The Spatiotemporal Hybrid Cloud Platform can install, manage, and start applications on DC2 instances automatically. It enables users to effortlessly replicate deployments between each instance which can save a lot of time and effort. It can bring existing applications up to date without linking directly to the DC2 instance.

Deployment tool is a cloud management service that automates the initialization and management of your Spatiotemporal Hybrid Cloud Platform resources. It liberates users from the red tape and helps them focus on developing and optimizing services and functions.

Users can create flexible and textual templates which are the instructions for the cloud platform to deploy a number of information services (e.g. database, website, model base service). The details of management of the cloud platform resources described in your templates will be accomplished by deployment tool.

Users can use deployment tool to create deployment solutions which can be reused as well as create backup configurations of your application environment in case of emergencies.

Use of the deployment tool will not be charged additionally. It helps users to create and manage their resources with less time and effort by leaving the details of deployment and management of the application to Spatiotemporal Hybrid Cloud Platform.