Data Center Infrastructure

The Spatiotemporal Hybrid Cloud Service (SHCS) is a major computing facility serving as one of the biggest of its kind for scientific research and engineering development. The facility is built and operated by the NSF SpatioTemporal innovation Center (STC).

Spatiotemporal Innovation Center (STC) is an NSF I/UCRC with the mission to build the national and international spatiotemporal infrastructure base. SHCS is a product and service of building the infrastructure base. SHCS utilizes a donation of 504-node computer cluster, purchased at $4 million, from NASA NCCS. Geographically located at George Mason University (GMU) data center, the service is shared among the three STC sites: GMU, University of California-Santa Barbara, and Harvard University. SHCS serves as an incubator for spatiotemporal innovations in a wide variety of domains including, but not limited to, engineering, public health, social dynamics, Geoscience, Geo-intelligence, neural science, and planetary science

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